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The Vesper

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The Vesper

500ml Bottle

5 servings

30.4% ABV

From the mind of Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond comes this unique twist on a classic Martini.

Featuring an exquisite blend of gin, vodka, vermouth, and a gentle infusion of lemon oils, it screams elegance while providing an engaging bitterness.


Soft nose with subtle pepper, vibrant juniper, and irresistible citrus notes. Silk-like texture on the palate with black pepper, lingering citrus, gentian root, and coriander seed. Finish is medium length with charming citrus & an engaging bitterness


Plymouth Gin   –   42 Below Vodka    –   Cocchi Americano

The Vesper

Although first written in the Casino Royale novel, it's believed that the Vesper was created during one of Fleming’s trips to Dukes bar in London. Fleming was known for his quest for precision when it came to each Martini he received, often guiding the bartender through each step to get the best-finished product.

As for the shaken, not stirred debate, this cocktail was preferred to be shaken with the intention of serving it as cold as possible.


Best served ice cold. Leave in the freezer up to 1 hour before serving, or stir briefly with ice. Pour into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon peel and await instructions for your next mission.

Chill the

Chill the glass in the freezer for 10 minutes for the best martini experience

Pour the

Pour 100ml of the well-chilled cocktail into the glass


Finish with
the Garnish

As our Vesper is already infused with lemon oils, the garnish is totally optional. It's all about the looks at this point.


The Vesper is not the only way to go. Don’t skip on the others - we’re pretty sure you’ll love them too.

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